What’s it mean, anyway? Babies


half Asian


half Asian (half Spanish/Latina)


half Indonesian (half Scottish)


half Indonesian half Italian


half Chinese half Dutch


Chinese Indonesian


European Ethnicities

I know Europeans are not all the same race.

With Germany as a base, do you feel more affinity to Italians or the British/Irish?

I think someone blogged this picture from them from Italy.

Pretty much looks like where I come from.

Here’s another from Italy.

The Spanish in Spain also look good in some ways like this. I had a good picture but lost it to Imgur. Here’s another one, though.

Another from Spain.

Well, then, here’s the English.

” Merlin and Vivien ” by Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale

Double Bach

A Thousand Finds

Since January 8th I’ve been reliving adolescence. Hopefully in a good way: I started a job as a Teaching Fellow, training to become a full-time Biology teacher.

OfficeWindowView The view from my office window in the morning

Working for someone else 40 hours a week, every day M-F, has required some adjustment after 6 years of part-time work. And getting up before the sun has never been my favorite thing, neither as a teen nor as an adult. But there’s another way in which I’ve been revisiting my teenage self: with my violin, the most reliable time machine yet invented.

KarenViolinTeenblog The author as a middle school violinist

Last fall was a whirlwind of music. I played in 3 different orchestras, and I played some of the most difficult repertoire I have yet attempted. I played in San Francisco with professionals! I had solos! It was exhilarating . …

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Prodigious Young Talent

I’m quite familiar with this lovely girl but did not realize she has gotten to writing.

Colonialist's Blog

Picture from Wiki

A recent discovery I made last year (about eight years late) that has got me completely enthralled, is of the prodigy Alma Deutscher. Have you come across her? Born 2005, and now a concert pianist and violinist and a composer of symphonies, an opera, and a number of other works. She learnt to play the piano at two, the violin at three, and began her fame when discovered by Stephen Fry, a friend of her father’s, when she was seven.

She was soon hailed as a second Mozart, but this makes her slightly indignant. She is, she always insists, the first Alma!

I love her music, and also her philosophy which is, when people ask when her music is going to get ‘serious’ and reflect the ugly side of life, that if she wants ugly she can watch the news, but for beauty she goes to…

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Why music education shouldn’t be left to chance — The Quirky Teacher

I thought I’d write a little blog post in support of Nick Gibb’s intention to raise the status of music education for younger children. I’m really pleased that a model music curriculum will be created because, at the moment, so much is left to chance – more so than other subjects, perhaps. So, allow me […]

Why music education shouldn’t be left to chance — The Quirky Teacher

I used to want a doctorate in Music Education, unless I finally focused on 1 instrument, but I had to stop… Yes, I agree. All children should have music education.

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